ASP / GSP Services by NSDL e-Gov

NSDL e-Gov has been selected as GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) by Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN). Under GST regime, GSPs will offer various GST related services under single roof.


As a GST Suvidha Provider, NSDL e-Gov will be providing the entire gamut of GSP as well as Application Services Provider (ASP) services which would include but not limited to:

Billing module (Invoice Generation)

This service will allow the customer to generate invoices in printable format.

Offline File Preparation Utility

This offline utility will validate, convert invoices into GSTN format and also directly upload invoices to NSDLgst ASP.

GSTR-1 Upload & Filing

This service will allow the customer to upload sales invoices as well as file GSTR 1 return.

GSTR-2A Download

This service will allow the customer to download counterparty sales invoices from GST portal for matching purposes.

GSTR 2 Filing

This service will allow the customer to upload final GSTR-2 return after matching of purchases with those downloaded from GST portal.

Ledger Balance

This service will allow the customer to download/view cash and credit ledgers from GST Portal.

Utilization of ITC & Cash Balances

This service will allow the customer to submit cash/ credit utilization towards GST payable.

File GSTR 3

This service will allow the customer file GSTR 3 return.


Matching invoices as per dealer & as per GSTN.

GST Registration

If you do not have GSTIN, Click here to register on GST Portal

Click here for detailed instructions on how to register on GST Portal

Commercials for NSDLgst ASP Services

Particulars Service charges for NSDL ASP compliance solution (Per GSTIN)
Upto 9,000 sales and purchase invoices uploaded through GSTR1 and GSTR2 per financial year. Rs 2,700 per financial year
In case the number of invoices is above 9,000 per financial year. Rs 0.40 per invoice

*Taxes would be payable on above charges as applicable

A) Services

  • Following services are bundled in the above commercials:
  • NSDL ASP services
  • NSDL GSP services
  • Email alerts to vendors on mismatches
  • Data Storage
  • Reconciliation & Ledgers
  • Dashboards & Reports

B) Exclusions

  • Following services are not included in the above commercials:
  • Converter for direct Connectivity
  • Tax Determination System
  • Separate Instance / Hosting
  • Dedicated team for support
  • Other services not explicitly mentioned